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Anderson .Paak – live

    One of the most interesting acts in HipHop at the moment  Anderson.Paak and his band the Free Nationals sound checking at the venue in socks, getting ready for a crazy show. Most impressive concert I’ve seen in a long time! Portraits that I was able to shoot of him are gonna be published […]


Dead Studio Flowers

Sometimes a bunch of dried out flowers just catch out eye and make the perfect composition. Love the shapes and forms nature gives us – especially the dying flowers.  

Miss Weirdy

30 MCs

Diese 30 MCs spielten jeweils einen Track für einen guten Zweck: der Reinerlös geht an den Verein Ute Bock. 30 MCs played one track each for good cause. All the money collected was donated to Ute Bock. [village_carousel size=”medium” loop=”yes” autoplay=”on” ] [/village_carousel]

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